Sunday, August 5, 2012

Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore Banknotes & Coins 6th Edition - 2012

A Complete Educational Reference of Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore Banknotes and Coins, 6th Edition, July 2012 by K. N. Boon

The 6th edition of K.N. Boon's publication on Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore Banknotes and Coins is now available in the market.  It was released by Trigometric Sdn. Bhd. in July 2012.  This is the latest guide book that provides comprehensive collection of banknotes and coins of Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.  It has a total of 481 pages with quality images of banknotes and coins collection. 

Apart from the latest update on the market value of banknotes and coins, this guide book has also added illustration and explanation of essay notes issued by Central Bank of The Federation of Malaya 1957, unissued notes of Malaya & British Borneo from 1962 to 1966 and essay notes by Bank Negara Tanah Melayu 1962 which I personally feel that those information are very useful and interesting. 

With the recent launched of 4th Series of Malaysian Banknotes, this guide book has included the latest information of newly issued notes by Bank Negara Malaysia.  Update on the Brunei polymer banknote also provided for the reference of collectors.

Since its first publication in 2003, I have been following up with the update of each publication.  It is indeed a very good reference book and has been widely accepted by the collectors.  To make the collecting to be interesting, one must know the history and origin of the banknotes and coins.  Once again, this book has it all.

Happy collecting!

This guides provides information of unissued notes by Central Bank of The Federation of Malaya, Malaya and British Borneo and Bank Negara Tanah Melayu. 


One Rich said...

Guna mykad leh dapat RM BERTERUSAN...

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Xing Xian said...

Hello, may I know how you bought this book? I would like to buy it but not sure whre to get. THnkas!!

Jin Shun Chia said...

Hi Jack,

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Property Malaysia said...

I think the plastic notes are durable with water proof.
Would love to hear any club for collectors items.
Thank for another educational article.

Property Malaysia said...

Would bank notes fetch higher value in times to come?

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