Saturday, September 5, 2009

Current Banknote Printer

In my earlier blog that I have discussed about banknote printer as one of the features of 1st and 2nd Series of Malaysian Banknotes. To recap, the banknote printer name was printed at the reverse of the note in the very tiny wording. Some example of these printers are "Thomas De La Rue", "Bradbury Wilkinson & Co, "United States Banknote Co" and "Canadian Banknote". This information is very much useful to tell us the where does this banknote printed from or the foreign technology the we rely on.

Unfortunately, this feature has note been inherited for its subsequent series (3rd Series onwards) or banknote that issued after 1996. Even the new issuance series has not tagged with this feature as well. Few have raised question on where do these banknote printed from. Or shouldn't we bother when they printed from as long as they are legal tender to use as money? When the recent announcement by BNM on the release of new RM50 note, it was mentioned by the Governor that these banknotes were printed using Germany base technology. But, no mark is made to identify these banknotes are in fact printed from Germany. Perhaps, there are some other good reasons why banknote printer shouldn't appear anymore.

Nowaday, it is observed that the feature of banknote printer appear on the banknote itself no longer common anymore. As we also aware polymer banknote does not have this feature as well. The different from the earlier is many have already known where exactly the polymer banknote printer from.


mou meng said...

Hey i notice that this old $1 has either "Thomas De La Rue" or "Bradbury Wilkinson & Co printed on sometimes.

Which one is more unique?

Jack Hoo said...

The "bradbury Wilkinson & Co." can only be found on the Type I of this old note i.e. blind spot series whereas the "Thomos De La Rue" appear on both Type I and II of 2nd Series.

Which one is more unique? Somestimes, it depends on the number of banknote issued by the printer. Collector always look for scare piece. The lower number of issuance, the higher value it will be.

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