Saturday, February 21, 2009

Security Features on 2nd Series of Malaysian Banknotes

The 2nd Series of Malaysian Banknotes which was issued on January 1982 has basically inherited the securities features from its previous series. One of these security features that still remained and adopted in this series was the water mark feature. However, it has removed the "tiger head" water mark printed in 1st Series and replaced it with the portrait of the first Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Malaysia.

The 2nd Series issued in 1986 (Type 2) has the security features of Yang Di-pertuan Agong water mark printed on the left; the invisible fluorescent with the wording of BNM and denominations in the middle; and the security thread on the right.

In January 1986, the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) issued an improved design with incorporating additional security features into this series of notes. One of the improvements was the security thread has been modified to an intermittent 'stardust' security thread compared to the earlier which was more slimmer and concealed inside the note itself.

In addition, BNM has also introduced the invisible fluorescent printing with the intention to make these notes difficult to forge. Under the fluorescent light, a numeral of the denomination in a box with the initials BNM printed on top of the numeral can easily been seen. It was one of the useful features back then to differential a counterfeit note with a genuine note.

Water mark with the portrait of the First Yang Di-pertuan Agong printed on the left side of the note

Intermittent 'stardust' security thread on the right side of the note

Invisible fluorescent printing can be seen in the middle of the note under the fluorescent light

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