Monday, November 17, 2008

Banknote Printers

Do you ever notice there is a few words printed at the very bottom of the reverse side of 1st Series and 2nd Series of Malaysian Banknote? You can find them printed in "Thomas De La Rue", "Bradbury Wilkinson & Co", "Harrison And Sons", "BA Banknote", "United States Banknote Co", "Canadian Banknote" or "Giesecke & Devrient". What do they mean? Indeed, this is one of the special features of the these two series of banknote where they can be identified through different printers. Printer is an authorised printing company that undertakes the responsibility to print the banknote on behalf of Central Bank.

The reverse of RM1 of 2nd Series indicates the position of Printer name

Bradbury Wilkinson on 2nd Series of RM1 note

Thomas De La Rue on 2nd Series of RM1 note

Giesecke & Devrient on 2nd Series of RM10 note

Harrison And Sons on 2nd Series of RM100 note

Collector always like to search for rare quantity of notes despite they are almost 100% identical except the tiny words describing the Printer. Different note printed by different printer carries different value. For example, a RM1 note (issued in 1982) printed by Thomas De La Rue and Bradbury Wlkinson & Co are not having the same value. The later has the higher value that earlier.

However, this feature has not inherited on 3rd Series and 4th Series of Malaysian Banknote. No printer name is found at the reverse of these notes. Why? It is for us to find out.


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Jack Hoo said...

Eventhough the 3rd Series of RM5 polymer note does not have a printer name printed on the note, it is learnt that the polymer note is printed by Printer NPA Australia.

longpopy said...

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